Training Academy

Got a new puppy?  A misbehaving dog?  An old dog in need of new tricks?  We can help with that!

Our experienced trainers are all ready to help your pet become the best-behaved good boy or girl around!  Our team specializes in Positive Reinforcement training - using positive feedback, treats, and toys to reward good behavior!  Training this way promotes the behavior and a positive relationship with the pet's human!  By completing the training at the veterinarian's office, pets also have lots of positive experiences here!  This makes future visits much easier and promotes their health and happiness!

Behavior issues are the cause of 25-50% of all dogs surrendered.  Proper training means pet parents are significantly less likely to break up with their canine best friend!  We're ready to help make sure that you and your BFF remain happy!

Puppy Classes 

A six-session course of classes which features important skills such as sit, stay, leave it, and fetch.  It also helps puppy parents address behavior issues early on and before those issues become habit.  Puppy parents are shown positive reinforcement techniques which can be used to train their puppy to do many different skills beyond just those taught in the class.  Puppy parents can pay for the classes individually or buy a bundle of all six and save!

One-on-One Sessions

These consultation sessions are for adult dogs, dogs with behavior or health problems, or just dogs which need a little extra help.  Sometimes pet parents teach their pet bad behaviors accidentally.  Unfortunately, dogs sometimes learn the wrong thing!  Sometimes they never learned the right thing!  We can help them reclaim the "good boy" and "good girl" title!  Sessions are purchased individually in 30, 45, or 60 minutes lengths.

NOTE: We do not work with dogs who are very aggressive or likely to bite.  We are happy to make recommendations to trainers who specialize in aggressive dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What vaccines does my dog need to attend training?

Owners must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations (rabies, bordatella, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus) for their dog prior to the first class. Unfortunately, any dog that does not have up to date vaccinations or fails to provide the appropriate documentation will not be allowed in class and no refund will be offered.  We are happy to help you set up an examination and vaccinations with our doctors to get your dog up to date!

  • Does my dog need to be a patient of one of your doctors?

No.  The Training Academy accepts students who do not have an existing relationship with Bellalago Veterinary Hospital.  Don't forget to bring your pet's vaccination records and any other medical records we might need!  Of course, if you'd like to become a patient of one of our doctor, we're happy to help set up an examination!

  • Does my dog need a leash?  If so, any recommendations?

Yes.  Dogs must be on leash at all times unless given permission by the instructor. We utilize training methods that build the human-animal bond. As such, we strongly discourage the use of shock collars, choke chains, pinch collars, modified pinch collars, and retractable leashes as these undermine our methods and negatively impact the relationship owners have with their pet.

  • What if I don't like the training?  Can I get a refund?

Refunds are given if the request is received 48 hours before the first class start time.  After the first class session, 50% of the total paid may be refunded as long as it is requested before the second session.  No refunds will be given for requests received after the second scheduled class takes place.

  • What if I am unable to attend a training?

One make-up class may be arranged with notice at the time of payment.  Make-up classes are not typically available otherwise.

  • Is there a guarantee if my dog doesn't learn anything?

Since training dogs occur mostly outside class in the home and is a function of the interest, commitment, and cooperation of the owner, Bellalago Veterinary Hospital does not guarantee the results of training classes. In the event a dog does not achieve the desired outcome(s) in a group class setting, it is strongly suggested that dogs and owner attend one-on-one classes with a trainer.  Just like with humans, dogs sometimes need a bit more attention or special treatment in order to excel!

  • What happens if my dog is sick?

If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to class. If you have a question about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor. As most training occurs outside of class and at home with the owners, owners are still encouraged to attend, if safe to do so. This allows content to still be practiced at home, assuming it is safe and appropriate to do so. We strongly encourage owners to ask their veterinarian whether continuing training while being treated is appropriate and safe.

  • My dog is in heat.  Now what?

Sorry.  Dogs in heat are not allowed to attend class as it is a HUGE distraction to other dogs. You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what was covered that day.  Most of the learning occurs at home so you can work with your dog there.

  • What happens if I or my dog cause problems in class?

Bellalago Veterinary Hospital has the right to discontinue a relationship with a client at any time for any reason. Bellalago Veterinary Hospital reserves the right to remove dogs from the training room who show aggression towards people or other dogs. Private sessions or referrals to a trainer who specializes in abnormally aggressive dogs may be recommended in these cases. Please be sure to disclose any aggressive tendencies that your dog may have to the instructor prior to registering.

  • If my dog goes to class, can I get my dog's medications through you too?

Yes, but...  Purchasing or attending trainings does not establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship with Bellalago Veterinary Hospital. While we are happy to have your pet as a patient, we will need to establish that relationship in accordance with Florida state laws, if such a relationship is desired.  This just means scheduling an exam with one of our doctors.  Once our doctor has a relationship with your pet, we can dispense medications.  If you dog already has a relationship, then you can absolutely pick up prescribed medications and diet!  Call ahead!  We can have it all ready for you!  Simple and easy!

  • My dog pooped/peed.  Now what?

It happens.  A lot.  Don't worry!  Sometimes they pee/poo out of happiness and excitement!  We like to assume that's ALWAYS why they do it.  It makes us feel better!  We've got cleaning supplies on hand.  We ask for you to clean up after your pet as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn't make a mess.

  • I've got kids.  Can I bring them too?

Children under 12 are strongly discouraged from attending training sessions because small children may be at an increased risk of injury or may be a distraction to the owner/handler.

  • Is it a problem if my dog has fleas?

Umm...  Yes!  Let's get your pet examined by our doctors and on a flea medication.  Once they're on one, your pet can return to class.

  • Can my dog get fleas in class?

Yes and no.  All dogs attending training must be receiving monthly preventative treatments for the control of fleas.  If they're up to date on the prevention, they should be perfectly safe!  Our hospital utilizes pet-safe methods of controlling parasites on property.  However, other pet parents may fail to appropriately give their pet prevention.  When this happens, sometimes critters can make the jump from one pet to another.  Again, if your pet is on prevention, there is little or nothing to worry about!

  • Do you train cats?

Does anyone?  Cats train their humans to serve them.  There is a reason the Egyptians considered cats to be gods!  Joking aside, cats can be trained, but cats can make it difficult.  We'd want to do this training in one-on-one sessions.  If your cat doesn't do well outside the house, we can train you how to train them once you get home!  One of our trainers would be happy to discuss options!


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