Angel Fund Grant Recipient - Marmalade

Marmalade is the first recipient of grant money from the Angel Fund.  He was a young kitten that we first encountered near our dumpsters.  He showed up again begging for food outside Subway nextdoor where we were able to catch him.  Believe it or not, Jim was able to pick him up and carry him inside.  I think everyone on the team has grown rather attached to him.  He's such a warm, friendly, and loving cat!

Follow along as we share some of the process for helping Marmalade get back to full health.  Don't forget to make a donation to help other deserving animals in the community like Marmalade get the critical care they need!


Dr. Young and Ashley performed an exam on Marmalade.  He seemed in good health but only by running some diagnostics could we know what was happening inside him.

After drawing some blood, Dr. Young ran tests on him for feline leukemia, FIV, and heartworms.  All of the tests came back negative.  Given that Marmalade was a feral, outdoor cat, this is incredible!

Marmalade was given his rabies and FRCP+LV shots.  He now meets our Standards of Care.

Marmalade did have worms and fleas.  Both were treated.  He received several months of Revolution flea preventative to ensure that fleas in all their life stages (eggs, larva, cocoons, and adult) were eradicated.

He also had an ear infection which was successfully treated.

Marmalade loved people from the start, but really started to love us more.  He was a bit jumpy at times, but has settled down a bunch.  Even when we let him out of his cage to roam, he often heads back there because he feels safe.  It will take a while for him to grow accustomed to his new home.

He begins “making biscuits” and purring the moment he sees us and many of the team pay him frequent visits.  Marmalade has even started collecting a few toys that the team have brought from home for him.

Dr. Young have now given Marmalade a clean bill of health and we’re looking for a loving home for him!  He’s current on all vaccines through next August! 

To make a donation and help deserving pets in our community like Marmalade, click here!


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