Dr. Christa Young Memorial Angel Fund

Dr. Christa Young Memorial Angel Fund

Dr. Christa Young loved all animals.  In her memory, we created the Dr. Christa Young Memorial Angel Fund.  Our goal is to show all pets the love that Dr. Young showed all of her patients.  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a veterinary emergency, and pets get themselves in to terrible situations all the time.  Even the most prepared owner is not always financially able to help.  The Angel Fund is intended to help in these sorts of situations.  The Dr. Christa Young Memorial Angel Fund is partnered with The Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. 

The Angel Fund established strict guidelines to ensure that only the most deserving pets receive funds towards their treatment resulting from emergencies and unexpected, sudden illnesses.  All pets who receive funds for their treatment must have a good prognosis from the veterinarian which indicates that the pet will likely fully recover.  

Your donation helps us save as many of these deserving animals as possible.  100% of all donations goes to pets as Bellalago Veterinary Hospital has generously agreed to cover all of the administrative expenses for the Fund.  Please consider donating today!  We want to ensure that every pet has more treatment options than continued suffering or euthanasia!

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The Dr. Christa Young Memorial Angel Fund also works to help prevent ignorance, illness, and disease from spreading in our community by providing education, assistance, and working with other registered non-for-profit groups.  


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