About Us

cocker1.png At Bellalago Veterinary Hospital, we're here to help the pets of Kissimmee, FL, live their best lives. Our vet clinic provides all kinds of care. If your pet needs the services of a veterinarian near you, bring your pet to us to be seen by our skilled animal experts. 

Our mission is to carry on the memory of our founder, Dr. Christa Young. She loved animals, and we show that devotion in all the services that we provide. She believed that every pet deserved to be happy and healthy.  We’re proud to work together with pet parents to achieve Dr. Young’s vision by maintaining AAHA-accreditation.  AAHA’s standards put the quality of care offered here in the top 10-15% of veterinary hospitals in the country!

We can also do things like provide physicals, which is when we do such things as check your pets’ weight, draw blood, and check their teeth and gums. These physicals are best done at least once a year, but we recommend every 6 months (3.5 dog years!) to catch health issues early and maintain wellness.  This can save your pet from unnecessary suffering while saving you money!. 

Vaccines are also important. We can get your pets on a vaccine schedule so that they are protected from diseases like distemper, rabies, Bordetella, and parvovirus. We’re serious about dental care too. Our pets deserve to have the cleanest teeth possible. Just like people, if pets don't get the proper attention in this area, then they risk not only losing their teeth but also having health problems such as diabetes and even some types of cancer.

We also spay, neuter, and do many types of surgery.  Like everyone on our team, our surgeons uphold the industry’s highest standards to keep your pet happy and healthy while promoting excellent outcomes.

Our Philosophy Goes Beyond Helping Your Pets Feel Better

Not only can we help your pet stay healthy, we can help owners too. We have extensive resources that can provide information on certain aspects of pet ownership. This includes a breadth of information, from choosing your pet to how to live with it. This information can make things so much easier for everyone in your household. 

Our Training Academy can help get your puppy off on its best paw!  We offer classes with new pets (and their humans) to ensure that behavior is never an issue.  Our team believes in positive reinforcement in order to help your pet bond to you while learning.  We also offer one-on-one behavior consultations to help address more advanced topics, learn super skills, and overcome stubborn students.

We’re also very active in the community in helping promote pet well-being.  Schedule a time for us to speak with your group or community about Pet First Aid, Pet Insurance Positives and Pit-Falls, Holiday Hazards, Pets & Hurricanes, and many other topics.  Our team is also happy to present to school groups, classes, and at school events.  We also work with youth and Scout groups to help promote pet wellness with our community’s future through merit badges, training, and tours.  Don’t forget to check out our community dog park reviews to ensure your pet remains safe and healthy!

Being a pet owner is a great responsibility. As you can see, we're here to help you in every way possible. We treat each pet that comes to us with the dignity and compassion that it deserves. Our goal is to put both you and your pet at ease from the very second that you arrive at our door. Our compassionate staff will warmly welcome you and care for you from start to finish. 

If you want the best for your pet, then this is the place for both of you. Bring your pet in today. The visit will be well worth it. 

Are you a resident of Kissimmee, FL, and have a pet in need of preventative pet care?

Come see us at Bellalago Veterinary Hospital, where your faithful animal companion will be seen by a veterinarian near you. Contact us to make an appointment today. 


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