Pricing Schedule

As an AAHA- Accredited hospital, we're proud of the high quality service we provide to our patients.  As such, we believe that the value of excellent quality care is better than "cheap" care.  For instance, we chose our vaccines based on what is safest and most effective - not what is cheapest!  This might mean our vaccines are a few dollars more, but it also means your pet is happier and healthier!

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This is a selection of common items and not a complete list of services and items available.  

Clients are presented with estimates (with pricing) for their approval prior to services being rendered.  

We happily offer payment plans/financing through CareCredit and ScratchPay.

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Service or ItemPrice (as of 5/1/2024)
Wellness Exam$57.50
Medical Issue Exam$67.50
1 Year Rabies Vaccine$19.42
Canine: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza$24.25
Canine: Leptospirosis 4 Strain$24.30
Canine: Bordetella$27.65
Feline: FRCP $25.95
Feline: FeLV$43.52
Canine: Heartworm & Blood Parasite Screening$66.09
Feline: FeLV, FIV, Heartworm Test$79.76
Fecal Test: Ova/Oocysts$39.00
Fecal Test: Giardia$39.00
BloodworkVaries by test recommended
Canine: Nail Trim (Standard)$22.50
Canine: Nail Trim with Dremmel (Standard) $25.50
Feline: Nail Trim (Standard)
Anal Sac Expression (by technician)$25.85

Prevention - We carry Heartgard Plus, NexGard, NexGard Combo, and NexGard Plus products in hospital.  Our pricing (with instant rebate) generally beats the online pharmacies - sometimes by a lot!  Due to the various sizes and combinations, we are unable to list all the prices here.  However, we're happy to put together an estimate unique to your pet!  

Additional preventions are available through Covetrus, our partnered online pharmacy.

An examination is required to establish/maintain a relationship, when vaccinating, or when providing other services.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.


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